• Brian Aufdenberg

Wabi Sabi Volume 1 Issue 1

In one sense wabi-sabi is a training whereby the student of wabi-sabi learns to find the most basic, natural objects interesting, fascinating and beautiful. Fading autumn leaves would be an example. Wabi-sabi can change our perception of the world to the extent that a chip or crack in a vase makes it more interesting and gives the object greater meditative value. Similarly materials that age such as bare wood, paper and fabric become more interesting as they exhibit changes that can be observed over time.

I no longer care if a mix is perfect. I no longer care if it has 6 different styles of music in the mix. I no longer care if you like it or even listen to it. Truth is most of you won't anyway, so why bother worrying? Of course I hope you do listen and enjoy. I hope you discover new music, artists, labels. I hope you maybe buy a track you hear from the folks who made it and put it out. I hope you can vibe out and enjoy good music with out all the fucking pretense and bullshit. With out a weekly show, I have all this music to share and no outlet for it and can't be bothered to try to make some perfect robotic mix for others. So yeah, if you like modern drum and bass from a grip of tribes,


BMA – Cubical – Industrial Coast

Allied – Mumaration – MethLab Recordings


Akuratyde - Find My Way (Jaskin & Uneven Remix) -Modern Conveniences

Dominic Ridgway- Stand In, Stand Out – Ronin Ordinance

Antagonist – Duat – Ronin Ordinance

Constrict - Notice to Thieves - SweetBox

& Akinsa - Broken Dreams – Onset AudioKit Curse

Red Army – Upangaji - Samurai

Doctor Jeep - Unreal (Rohaan Remix) – Unchained Recordings

Gremlinz & Jesta – Stain – Ronin Ordinance

Josiah Scribes & robbyt– Predator – Seminal Sounds

robbyt - The Esplanade – Seminal Sounds

Northern Barrier - Cold_Sweat – Seminal Sounds

Fuj – Curtain Call – Din is noise records.

???? - ???? -????

Surgence – Function – Tesserect

Montestco – Confinement – Sealator Music

Dedman & Montesco – Persiste – Parralel Depth

Gremlinz & Jesta – Succubus - Ronin Ordinance

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