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The Goods 12.9.20

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

No one asked me but I am sharing anyway. I have spent a lot of energy on all the things wrong in the world lately. For a nice refreshing change I wanted to share some things I am really enjoying at the moment. If it can bring a bit of respite to anyone, then bonus. So please, feel free to check them out and support some great folks doing some great things!

Baldvin Ringsted

Baldvin Ringsted (b.1974, Iceland) I discovered his work late one night way down an instagram rabbit hole of modern art and was hooked on sight.

He is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Glasgow. Moving between image and sound, his works focus on points of transition, exploring the relationship between formal properties of music, and its cultural history and

development. I absolutely love the cut out style, the use of negative space.


Frizwit at Musi

We have been wanting to try this spot out for long while but never seemed to get around to it. When our 10th anniversary rolled around we decided it was finally time. We also wanted to support a local spot, let alone that was right in our neighborhood.

For everyone not from Philly, we like our steak sandos here. Granted, many of them are not worth the hype. But some, well, some are worth shanking a family member for. The Frizwit is one such creation. It all started out as a pop up in 2015 trying to figure out in their own words "Why isn't there a steak made with real ingredients, the kind used at all the nice-assed restaurants in town?" Well, they figured it out and HOLY FUCK is it good. The Frizwit is a cheesesteak made with frizzled steak from Primal Supply, charred onions, and their Frizwit beer cheese sauce on a Merzbacher's hoagie roll. That means the Frizwit is a cheesesteak, made with real food. So yeah, I have not stoped thinking about this sandwich since then. If you can get to south Philly, you have to give them a try. There is a mushroom version as well for my plant based crew. Oh, and their hummus is brilliant as well. You can even order the steak on an order of hummus. They are not fucking around yo. FRIZWIT WEBSITE

Side note.....I had to use their photos as once I got these home, they were unapologetically devoured with no evidence left or photo snapped.

Rereading Toffler

I read his Future Shock Trilogy when I was in my early twenties, and have been going back and reading them again now that we are knee deep in the information age. If you are curious about how and why technology and information is at the forefront of our culture and our cultural revolutions, you should check out Alvin Toffler's work. I don't think he has a website. or twitter. or facebook. If you found this article, I am sure you can find his books.....


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