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The Goods 12.18.20

We had so much fun last week talking about some of the things we enjoyed that week that we are doing it again this week. It may end up being a weekly jawn. That is still undecided. What isn't though, are these three things that have made our week. Enjoy, and keep looking for the good in the world!

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Circles and Squares Pizza

I had been seeing photos all over social media for this Kensington / Fishtown pizza spot for a while and they were high on my list of spots to check out. With all of the hardships fallen on our amazing local restaurant culture here in Philly, we felt like it was our duty to support these folks and order one of their pies and give it a go.

As their name suggests, they make both square and round pizzas. All of their pizza right now is all preordered, so you have to make sure you sign up for a pizza ahead of time!!! To order a pizza, you go to their website, find a time and a style that fits for you. Fill out the info for the slot, and you are all set for your personal trip to pizza bliss. We opted for the square for our first go round. It is cooked in a traditional Neapolitan square style. As far as toppings, We opted for the standard cheese pie to get a sense of the basics of the pie. The crust was light and chewy to eat but still was a dense and solid in make up. There was a layer of cheese, followed but a just sweet enough sauce, then finished with fresh shredded cheese on top. It didn't take more then a bite or two to see what all the fuss was about. THIS is some damn good pizza for sure. I am looking forward to trying the round with pepperoni next go round for sure!!!!


Circles and Squares Instagram


This year I have been helping my mom clean out her storage space and sell some older collectables she has amassed over the years. It has been going really well actually. I have learned more about European porcelain this year then I ever ever ever thought I would. I have enjoyed the process, but it was not something I thought I would be doing such a deep dive on yet here we are. Along my journey I have come across the fine folks at Calamityware and absolutely love everything I have seen so far from them.

Calamityware began when graphic designer, Don Moyer, inherited a traditional blue Willow-pattern plate and felt a urge to redraw it...and add a pterodactyl. Modern audiences are bored by tranquility and prefer the diversion of monsters, explosions, and car chases. As Don drew a series of plates, each spiced up with its own calamity, people who saw these drawings on Flickr asked for real plates. Soon a Kickstarter project was born and whimsical drawings became a growing collection of fine-quality porcelain plates. I bet Don is a fun chap to grab a drink with. They also make some clothing and accessories as well. Peep them all here:


Calamityware Instagram

Praise Dobler

We live and spend a lot of time walking around south philly. One of the tings that we love about living here is that is such a great walking city. We also are huge fans of street art. I couldn't tell you exactly when we first started seeing and noticing the face of NFL Great Conrad Dobler pretty much everywhere we seemed to go (and still do) but as soon as I saw it I was a fan. I do not claim to understand or know why this glorious phenomenon is everywhere but it gets the thumbs up of the TVP crew for sure. Big kudos for the hand painted mini footballs if you read this. Praise be!!

Praise Dobler Instagram

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