• Brian Aufdenberg

Notes From The Road - Perspective

There is nothing like a visit home to help remind you of who you are, where you come from, and where you always knew you wanted to go. Over the last five weeks I have drove from Philadelphia to Dayton, Ohio twice to spend time with my mom, and to help her sell some of her awesome things she has acquired in her interesting and inspiring life. During this time there have been some pretty great opportunities that I very much tried to maximize along the way. I wanted to share some of them in hopes that maybe they could help others, as well as solidify them for my own growth.

One of the opportunities was the 45 hours of driving covering 2300 miles alone over the two trips. I know to some that sounds like hell on wheels. To me it was a zenful bliss. Sunrises, sunsets, rolling hills, open fields, the green of nature, and the blue of sky filling everywhere I looked. There was no TV news, no bombardment of social media. It was just the soothing sounds of tires humming mile after mile, hour after hour as they sang their own road trip mantras. Getting lost in my favorite music and listening to lectures from the McKennas, Wilson, Stament, Hancock, and West. To be truly alone with my thoughts and really get a chance to focus on where I am headed next was truly a gift.

I have always said that some of my greatest thoughts and ideas came during the quiet down time of travel and this was for sure one of those times. The one theme that seemed to evolve from this process was that things are going to be ok. Not because I have lined up a new dream job, or that Coivd19 was disappearing, or dear friends will no longer suffer the devastation that 2020 has brought to so many. No, it was none of those things. It was something much simpler in nature. Perspective. Remembering that the decision to look at life and all things to come with the mindset of opportunity, growth, improvement, progress, and humility is my choice, just as it is yours. To hold what I have accomplished with respect, but not arrogant enough to think I have learned it all. To rejoice in the unknown, and to appreciate the chance to create a new chapter both for my self, but also for my family and friends. To practice humility, empathy, and mindfulness as much as I can will be how I will find the peace I am looking for. It will not always be easy, but it is damn sure with in my control. I really think the first step to us recovering as individuals, let alone a nation, will be for us to really focus on how we choose to see things. If we can all shift our attention and understanding, we may just make it out of 2020.

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