• Brian Aufdenberg

Labor Day 2020...

Labor Day takes on a different tone this year for me. The bad news is that this year, for the first year since I was maybe twelve years old, I am unemployed. So not much laboring going on for me. The good news is that due to the workers, unionists, and labor movements that have come before me, I am covered by unemployment benefit insurance. Whilst it is not an ideal situation, it is comforting to know that I am covered as the country starts to slowly reopen and figure out how to proceed next in this new environment.

In a year that is going to be highlighted in history with so much heartbreak and tension, let me invite you to take a few minutes and turn off the TV and stop scrolling social media for a short while and look into some of the events that lead us to this holiday as well as the make up of the modern working environment here in the USA. If you are looking for a good place to start you can check out these topics/ links:

Haymarket Riot

Pullman Strike

Eugene V. Debs

The American Labor Movement

Mechanics’ Union of Trade Associations in Philadelphia

August Spies

One of the things I hope more people notice about all of those events and the rights we have now are as a result of them is that they are a direct result of organized fights, struggles, protests, rioting, demanding of change, and not backing down, and NOT being quiet about injustices. If you are at home enjoying this holiday but think the protests and civil unrest as of late needs to calm down, you are missing the point of this holiday and the history of this country.

So as you enjoy your day off and maybe a bbq with the family, take a second to find out why we have this holiday that we do, and learn about some of the people who fought and died so that you may have that day off.

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