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A Couple Of Things With Mike Advance, D-Struct, and Jaise

How old were you when you knew you were a creative person?

Jason/Jaise: I suppose in high school when I realized all the subjects I gravitated towards were in the arts.

John/D-Struct: Probably 6 or 7. When I was a kid I used to make books about new designs for my favorite things: spaceships, trucks, tanks, etc. I started doing art in Paint on my parents first computer running Win3.1 in elementary school and around that time found .wav sound effects. I marveled at being able to reverse, change the pitch and customize the sounds in the computer. I started working out how to create songs as much as I could with extremely limited software and hardware until I got Acid Pro and produced my first experimental electronic album in High School.

Mike Advance: I spent a lot of time with my grandfather as a kid. As a retired teacher he used to keep me busy with learning how to play piano, paint, build models, small woodworking projects, etc.

Was it always a part of you or did it evolve over time?

Jason/Jaise: I studied music since I was a small child. My mum playing piano daily as I grew up. I played a raft of instruments until settling on drums around 14.

John/D-Struct: Always been there as far as I can remember.

Mike Advance: Always a part of my life for sure. Keeps me busy and out of trouble (mostly).

What is the most personally rewarding aspect of living a creative life?

John/D-Struct: This is a hard question! I can tell you at this point in my life, living creatively is a core value and key to being myself (and for my daughter too). Not being creative, would be dissonant with my sense of self. Having access to amazing outlets for emotion, multiple ways to tap into sources of flow and inspiration that cross-pollinates between areas of my life. Especially so when I can really exercise abstract expression - music, art and otherwise.

Mike Advance: Passing on the need to create to my children as my grandfather did with me.

What’s one thing about the music world do you wish you knew earlier in your career?

Jason/Jaise: That no one is better than anyone else, just different. And that success should be a personal measurement, not one made by those around you.

John/D-Struct: To follow my heart more. Not all advice is good advice.

Mike Advance: Time is precious and short. Don’t waste it on drama or being too hard on yourself.

What are a few of the major influences of your music?

Jason/Jaise: The major ones would be the pioneers of this sound and others that were influenced by them and gave it their own spin. Kemal & Rob Data, Stakka & Skynet, Ed Rush & Optical, Trace, Usual Suspects, Sinthetix, Kiko etc.

John/D-Struct: All kinds and genres of music that feature minimalism and technical prowess. Some of my favorite artists and bands: Jeff Mills, Tool, Brian Eno, Philip Glass, Konflict, Sensient

Mike Advance: Too many to list here. Lately, I’ve been really digging the new album by Khruangbin. Their drummer is deep in the pocket!

What was it that pushed got you excited about making music again?

Jason/Jaise: Rediscovering my record collection after 15 years.

John/D-Struct: Taking stock of my life about 6-7 years ago and realizing time is going by and I’m not spending enough time doing what I love, music! I took a couple years exploring hardware and live performance before locking down and getting back to tunes and focusing on refining my craft in 2015.

Mike Advance: Deciding to purchase another hardware EMU sampler (I sold my old one in 2008).

How did your upcoming collaboration and release come about?

Jason/Jaise: Connection through Instagram. I’d admired and studied the work of both John and Mike in the past with the projects they were part of in the early 2000’s. When we connected we found many similarities in what we love about this music so began working together. It was all very simple and organic. To be able to work on music with them from the other side of the world is both surreal and a dream come true.

John/D-Struct: Well, Jason and I had been doing some tunes and he got in touch with Mike and we really took it from there. I also had stems for an old collab Mike and I never got to finishing from the mid 2000’s, which became Rumour.

Mike Advance: I greatly respect both John and Jason’s musicianship and we are all into the same kind of music.

What do you want people to take away from your work?

Jason/Jaise: An energy and vibe that feels familiar yet also feels like they’re hearing something fresh and cutting edge.

John/D-Struct: I’ve always sought to chase vibes that represent energy, overcoming odds, acceptance and breaking through to the other side. Imaginative and playful are also some other ways I could describe my work.

Mike Advance: I just hope people enjoy it as much as I do.

What's next for you?

Jason/Jaise: Just continuing on enjoying this creative journey with these guys and other like minded people.

John/D-Struct: Making more music! Got some more projects with Mike and Jason already in the works.

Mike Advance: More music with Jason and John for sure!

Where can people keep up with you at? (socials?)








Mike Advance



Icarus Audio


Advance, Jaise & D-Struct - Converge EP - Icarus Audio - Release 11/27/2020. A big thumbs up to Seth Grym on the artwork!

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