• Brian Aufdenberg

2012 Fleur Pinot Noir Carneros

I find that drinking at least one glass of good Pinot Noir a month is good for the head. Two glasses a month is good for the heart. If you can enjoy three glasses a month you are doing the proper amount of work to keep your soul in tact and in good repair. Sometimes it happens gently over the course of four weeks, and at other times, it is all in one go. With this delicious bottle from Fleur, it was the latter of the two and it felt damn good.

On this particular night I have to admit I was looking for something from my beloved Willamette Valley but they were all sold out. The waiter suggested that I give Fluer a try and I am glad I did! Francis and Kathy Mahoney have been studying and growing grapes in Carneros for over 40 years and making a perfectly balanced Pinot Noir has been their mission. Being as big fans of Burgundies as I am, they chose the southern tip of Napa for its mild continental climate to produce this beautiful, yet very affordable Pinot Noir. After enjoying this bottle, I have to say, I think they are on to something here.

The wine was a brilliant ruby color and looked majestic in the glass. With just a few swift swirls my nose was filled with red cherries, strawberries and pomegranates. As it opened up I noticed a touch of white pepper and other slightly muted spice notes. On the palate, this wine is without a doubt is exactly what one would think an American west coast Pinot would taste like. Big red fruit flavor showing so much presence but still with a great balance in composition and acidity. It was drank fast and with purpose, so not sure how this one will open up with a little time. Based on what I did enjoy, I am guessing you can let this one rest and open up a bit more to see a bit more of its complexity. This wine is a steal at such great prices! You can enjoy this with some great grilled lamb or duck or just drink it alone. Either way, you win!

For more information: https://carneroswinecompany.com/


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