• Brian Aufdenberg

2012 Domaine du Chateau Larrouque

Up until recently, if you jumped out of nowhere and yelled at me “Quick…What’s your favorite red wine to drink all night with or with out food if you had to pick one??!!?!?!?!” I would of with out hesitation yelled back “Pinot Noir you raving lunatic!!!!” Now that I have had this beautiful Tannat I would have to reconsider that answer. If you are not familiar with this amazing grape, I strongly suggest you find this wine or another good wine made from Tannat. I highly recommend trying one from either the Gascogne or Basque regions to get a real feel for what this grape can do. They are usually pretty affordably priced and are really approachable to drink.

One of the first things you should notice on the first pour is just how rich that garnet color is. You will for sure get pronounced notes of black cherries, crushed violets, and cassis. This drinks just as it smells, and for that I was rather grateful. I was surprised at just how clean these flavors were for having aged for a while, especially coming from a grape that can be heavy in tannins. However, this wine has the most playful and fine tannins that just had me wanting more and more. Just goes to show what careful and attentive wine making can accomplish. If you get a second, look up Stéphane Beuret and Pascal Bozzi for a look at two of the best at their craft. What these two have been able to do with this ancient working farm in Sainte Christie is evident in every single drop of wine that they produce.

This is a wine that you can drink all night long. You can drink it with food or with out food. If you do, get loose with a fatty cut of red meat, or maybe some duck. Better yet, look up a hearty recipe from Gascogne and roll with it. After enjoying this bottle, we went back the next day and bought a case for our wedding. It’s THAT good. If you can track this one down, do it, buy a shit ton of it, then send me a bottle as a thank you. You can still drink this now through at least 2025.


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