• Brian Aufdenberg

2011 Steeger St. Jost Riesling Feinherb Weingut Ratzenberger

When I picked up this bottle in the spring of 2019, I was told it was in pristine condition and from a batch of wine that had matured early and it was a treat unto anyone who would drank it. I have to say, they were so right!

Flash forward to early April 2020, our Covid19 quarantine is in full effect, it seemed like the best time to enjoy an amazing bottle from one of my favorite winemakers. We chilled this for about 90 minutes, then opened and let sit for a good 90 minutes after. Once we got back to it, we poured two glasses of pure lemon gold perfection. The nose on this can not be mistaken once you experience it. Citrus, fresh melon, stone fruit, and petrol all jumped out of the glass and took me back to my grandmas house in the summer. I could almost smell and taste her butter and almond cookies.

The same flavors shone through on the palate. They were met with a mature acidity as promised. It also had a spot on almost mystical creaminess to it. I know this one could have sat for another five or ten years and still been a perfect choice but these crazy times call for some seriously amazing wine. If you can still track this one down, I can not recommend this one enough!


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