• Brian Aufdenberg

2009 Château les Hauts d'Aglan

No better way to start the week then thinking about some tasty wine. One of the greatest things about trying and discovering new wine is when you start to notice the subtle difference in how the same type of grape can show you a different wine based on where it was grown, when it was grown, how it was produced and so on. Recently I had one of those moments when a grape that I normally do not have high on my list of go-to grapes showed up in a type of wine I was not overly familiar with. The grape in question is Malbec. The wine type is a Cahors.

Never heard of Cahors? That’s not surprising. For the most part, outside of France, Cahors is not very common. When this great wine was featured at one of my local wine shops, I was open to finding out more as these guys normally do not lead me astray. The grapes in this wine are from 30 year old vines grown in small parcels and is fermented with about 10% Merlot (For added acidity and higher alcohol levels) in stainless steel tanks. Once that stage had been complete, the wine maker Isabelle Rey-Auriat then uses traditional old world cement fermenters for eighteen months for the most subtle, restrained, and wonderful wine. True to the Malbec grape, this wine is as dark of a red as any black cherry could hope to be. The nose is all the things you would think of with a Malbec, with strong notes of Cassis, crushed violets, white pepper, fennel and juicy ripe cherries. The palate is text book Malebc with ultra concentrated, intentional black fruit and their sweet flavor profiles. It finishes with beautiful silky tannins, which are another benefit of the 10% Merlot and the concrete vats for aging. The thing I loved most about drinking this wine was that I was able to enjoy the full flavor of the Malbec grape, but not be over powered by it and its normal big shouldered tannic finish. If you are looking for some bold and full wine but with out the over the top finish of such a wine, then look into any small batch Cahors and enjoy!


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